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Animal Human Alliance (AHA)

Founded by an anthropologistand a psychologist, AHA is a animal lover lifestyle company.

We are called Animal Human Alliance (AHA) because we embrace the idea that humans share the earth with animals as fellow beings.

AHA offers animal centric products, advocates compassion to animals and supports adoption instead of buying. That is why we do not sell animals. See our AHA magazine to get to know our cats.

Promoting compassion to animals

We constantly explore ideas to promote the idea of compassion to animals.
We are not asking for everyone to be animal rescurers. What we want to do is to raise awareness of challenges faced by community animals. And to see community animals as fellow beings and not a nuisance.

One of the ways is through our film production. These films serves as public education to promote compassion to animals. Our documentaries "We are not a nuisance!" and "The Animal Protection Documentary" are both in film festival circuits and have won awards internationally. See our documentary page.

We have 2 house brands; Gold-D and AHA.
Gold-D is named after our cat Gold-D and features cats who were once abused, abandoned or badly neglected and eventually found loving homes. See our Gold-D brand story.
Gold-D brand currently have cat and small animal products.


Gold-D is our brand of cat food and is named after our cat Gold-d whom we adopted from Mettacats.

We believe we are the first cat food brand in Singapore to feature former abused or abandoned cats on our products.

Because we are proud of them and because cats are cats.


Gold-D dog collection has a dog icon in the logo.

Our products features Singapore Specials because a dog's breed should not matter in the ownership of dogs.


AHA is our collection of homecare products.

Many household products are not designed for homes with animals.

AHA collection offers products that are safe for both human and animals.
  Gold-D small animal products have a logo with a paw.

Gold-D hay products are sourced from USA.

Similiar to our cat collection, we feature small animals who were adopted.


PETABoth Gold-D and AHA brands are PETA certified cruelty free products.
AHA homecare products do not use any annimal origin ingredients and are suitable for vegans too.
We do not conduct animal testing for our products because there is sufficient research data to formulate safe products with animal testing.

Quality brands

Our policy is to carry only quality products beneficial to animals. Our bands are carefully considered before we place them in our shop.

This is why we have a little section to explain why we carry a certain brand or product.

For dog products, we also use Dog Food Advisor, an independent reviewer as an addiitonal reference.





Meissa 100d Pasir Panjang Road
#03-11 Singapore 118520
Tel: +65-81272723
Website: www.ahasg.com
Facebook: Animal Human Alliance
E mail: pets@ahasg.com

Opening hours:

Mon to Fri: 12pm to 7pm
Public Holiday and weekends by appointment

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