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Support Shikin shelter, Malacca

About an hours away from the historical Malacca town is a shelter run single handedly by a young lady.

She takes in abandoned animals to look after them including several disabled ones. Left on the street, most of these animals expecially yhe disabled ones will suffer badly and eventually die.

Food appeal

We are appealing for food for the 100 or so cat residents of Shikin shelter to lighten the shelter's load and to give the sick, newly recused cats a nutirtional boost.

With good quality food, we can keep the cats healthy and to avoid preventable health issues such as UTI, kidney problems and even cancer.

Gold-D donut dish

Scratches on plastic pet bowls can become breeding grounds for bacteria infecting cats and causing feline acne.

To help prevent bacteria infection from plastic bowls, we will be giving a ceremic Gold-D donut dish for every 10 bags of Gold-D dry food delivered.

Even if you sponsor 1 bag of food, it counts!

You can sponsor from anywhere in the world

Wherever you are, you can support by ordering through us. We will consolidate the orders and delivery to Shikin in Malacca, Malaysia.

disabled cat little oyen enjoying Gold-D kibbkles

Gold-D dish in use

Gold-D Trout & Sardine    
Variant Gold-D wet food Gold-D kibble    
info We will mix and match different flavours
aComplete meal
Grain free with prebiotics
Free from meat by products
Free from artifical colouring, flavours
Free from artifical preservative
We will mix and match different flavours
pre and pro biotics
Salmon oil
Dried antarctic krill oil
(about US$17.90)

(about US$19.30)

Note: In the delivery form, you will be asked for your address.
You can leave your address or "NA"
All items are marked "shikin" so your order will be sent to Shikin Shelter.

Thank you for your support of Shikin shelter.






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