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Support Cats of Cambodia

In Cambodia, many cats who once had homes were abandoned at local monasteries. There, they were fed human food.

In the course of our own rescue work, we have had cases of cats who were not fed good quality food. As a result, they died of or suffered from preventable causes. See the stories of Mandarin, Orange, Henry, Sam Sam and John John.

Our own brand Gold-D was formulated in the course of doing our rescue and palliative care work and named after our own cat Gold-D, a FIV+ and abandoned cat that we adopted from Mettacats shelter in Singapore. We want to make sure every meal they eat helps to build their health.

Animal Rescue Cambodia

It is with this aspiration that we work with Animal Rescue Cambodia (ARC) to raise food for abandoned and community cats in Cambodia.

ARC activities:
offer medical care for street cats and dogs
tackling overpopulation
providing education to the local community
Operate a small recovery center for sick and injured animals.

They also work with monasteries because many unwanted pets are abandoned there.

They need good quality food!

July 2017: first shipment

In July 2017, we sent the first shipment of food to the cats in Cambodia. We had supporters from Singapore, Canada, Ecuador and Netherlands.

Everyone loves you!

We want this to be a long term program and we are now raising the 2nd shipment. Our theme is to tell the abandoned cats "Everyone loves you!"

We invite people from all over the world to join us. If your country is not in the list, support us and add your flag!


To support Animal Rescue Cambodia,

You can order by filling the form below,

1) You can order from anywhere in the world
2) Choose to pay by paypal, credit card or bank transfer.

Note: In the delivery form, you will be asked for your address.
You can type in your address or "NA"
All items are marked AR so your order will be sent to Animal Rescue Cambodia.

Due to the logistics involved, we aim to send 250 bags. The AHA team will be in Cambodia to document the food distribution.

Thank you for your support.

Gold-D food has arrived!!!

Food distribution to the monasteries

Kitties enjoying Gold-D


  Gold-D dry food 2kg Gold-D wet food 24 cans
  This food has pre and pro biotics and emzymes. It is very important for cats who needs a nutritional boost. More info
Complete meal with pro biotics and free from colouring, meat by products etc. Helps improve liquid intake for cats who have no clean water source or refuse to drink water. More info
  $27.00 (US$19.30) $25.00 (US$17.90)







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