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Support Beach Road cats

This is a community of elderly people, mostly retirees caring for cats in Beach Road area.

One of them is 75 year old auntie Nancy. she feeds cats in the area and also foster some in her home.

Recently they have encountered a series of cats killed under suspicious circumstances and have been working hard to protect the cats from abuse and murder.

Looking after the cats improves the quality of their lives and creates social bonding not just with cats but with fellow care givers.

As they are mainly retired elderly people with a big heart, any help with cat food and medical supplies is of great help!

jia jia
Auntie Nancy and Jia Jia he cute cat

Logo story

The colour Gold represents their seniority and preciousness.
Beach Road is a complicated area with high human traffic.

I imagine the feeders have to come out in the night in search of cats, perhaps squatting by the side of the road or in some dark corner where they become almost invisible.

The two ye
llow lines represent two things: the markings on street roads as well as bright beams from car headlights.

I hope to show the risks these senior feeders take when caring for the cats. How loving they are, and how much the cats appreciate them, despite it being a tiring job.


To support Beach Road Cats,

You can order by filling the form below, whatsup 81272723 or e mail pets@ahasg.com

1) Please indicate the quantity of food you wish to contribute. NO GST.
2) Click order now and you can choose to pay by Paypal or bank transfer.

Gold-D Trout & Sardine AHA phenol free disinfectant
Variant Gold-D wet food Gold-D kibble AHA pet safe Dishwash AHA phenol free disinfectant
info We will mix and match different flavours
aComplete meal
Grain free with prebiotics
Free from meat by products
Free from artifical colouring, flavours
Free from artifical preservative
We will mix and match different flavours
With pre and pro biotics
Salmon oil
Dried antarctic krill oil
Free from
Propylene glycol
Diethanolamine (DEA) Triclosan

Click here to find out why these are problematic to animals and even humans.

phenol free as phenol is toxic to animals.
For detailed information, please click here.

  Gold-d nano collodial silver gold-d catnip
Variant Gold-D nano collodial silver 10ppm Gold-D nano collodial silver gel 10ppm Gold-D shampoo Gold-D catnip
info Anti virus, bacteria, fungi. For internal and external use; wounds, infection Anti virus, bacteria, fungi. For internal and external use; wounds, infection Compost grown aloe vera with nano colloidal silver Fragrance free Helps to calm newly rescued cats
Variant Gold-D organic extra virgin coconut oil 200ml      
info Aids digestion
promotes skin and coat helath
Source of anti oxident

Note: In the delivery form, you will be asked for your address.
You can type in your address or "NA"
All items are marked "Beach Road" so your order will be sent to Beach Road cats.

Thank you for your support.





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